First annual wellness walk (and wheel)

A huge thank you to all of those who came out on Mother's day for our first annual wellness walk. It was a huge success!

The walk started at the edge of the park just off Southgate and Douglas around 10:00 am and made our way up Douglas to the paved road. The weather was great! The rain held off and mid-way through the walk to sun popped out.

Along our path we encountered an ideally located public washroom and stopped for a bit of a break. With the petting zoo insight we though, why not, and headed over for some "fun-with-goats" time. Some opted to head on in and explore while others stopped for a much needed break on a bench just outside the petting zoo.

After our little diversion and with a renewed sense of energy we headed back to where started on Southgate to share some snacks which were provided by Fairway Markets!

It was a great experience and we learned quite a bit about planning the ultimate route. Please plan to join us next year if you are able!


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