Our Services


Our current services and activities are outlined below. Additional programs are added as the need arises in the community and as we are able to fund the program. Our ultimate hope is that we will one day have a permanent centre from which we can operate and provide services.

Coffee, Community & Advocacy

Each week we host Coffee, Community & Advocacy - a two-hour drop-in gathering for people with MS and their family members. Attendees will have the opportunity to meet with a volunteer advocate and receiving information on services that are available to them and decide if they would like to apply for them. Advocates will be available to guide people through the process of filling in applications for government and other funded services.

Advocacy assistance include amongst other needs:

  • Finding Community Supports for IndependentLiving
  • Assistance with finding mobility aids &devices
  • Assistance with applying for Canada Pension Plan Disability andPerson’s with Disability provincial
  • FindingCaregivers

Participants will also have the opportunity to meet with one another and exchange information on services they are receiving as well as some of the various disease management tools they are using. The 2 hour drop in is significant for many MS community members who are often “shut-ins” or have limited opportunity to participate in larger community events.

Monthly MS Wellness Sessions

Each month we offer a wellness education session to people living with MS, their family and friends and support workers. The sessions will provide participants with opportunities to learn about disease management therapies both traditional medicine and alternative. Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions and meet as a group post session to exchange ideas and provide one another with support.

Arts & Crafts Therapy

Arts & Crafts Therapy will be offered to community members with MS once per week. Participants will be guided through and assisted with various activities. All supplies needed for the activities will be provided by the MS Wellness Centre.

MS Wellness Days

Twice a year the MS Wellness Centre will offer a day-long event where people living with MS can receive wellness services including massage, chair exercise instruction, and qigong, as well as attend education sessions on nutrition, natural therapies and new alternative therapies. The MS Wellness Day will also offer attendees the opportunity to meet in a social setting and support one another.

Swimming with MS

Remaining physically fit when you have MS is a helpful disease management tool. Swimming is ideal as many people with MS are heat intolerant. The coolness of the water makes exercise possible for some.

Once a week, participants in this program will be guided through a swim workout. The trainer will work with each person individually crafting a program that is suited to their unique needs. Participants will be encouraged to swim once per week independently in addition to the guided session.

We are currently exploring delivering this program in the fall.

MS Warrior Dragon Boat Team

The MS Wellness Centre supports the MS Warrior Dragon Boat competitive team. This group of dragon boaters, comprised of mostly person's with Multiple Sclerosis, and supplemented by a group of volunteers to help them get in and out of the boat trains and competes in a dragon boat throughout the summer.

This program provides people with MS with quality of life services and the opportunity to participate in community. An important part of the program are dragon boat races that take place locally and in neighboring communities. The cost of participating in community races can be challenging for many who paddle the boat as they are on fixed incomes, yet racing remains an important part of the program.