Why an MS Centre

Here's Why We Need an MS Centre

An MS Centre is far more than a building. It is a place where many of us living with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) can meet. It is a place where we can share our common experiences & stories, provide one another with encouragement & support and most importantly will be our home.

Unique Physiotherapy Centre and Groundbreaking Fitness Programs

We know that physiotherapy and fitness are at the heart of living an active and healthy life with MS. The centre will provide unique physiotherapy services to people with MS using specialized equipment. It will be the only program of its kind in Canada and serve as a model across the country. Our physio space will double as a gym ensuring we are using the space in the most economical way possible.

A Safe Space for People with a Common Disease

The centre will be home to a number of programs, provide classes and workshops and a space where you can casually drop-in. When you are in a space with others effected by the same disease, you are in a safe space where you can express yourself, learn, and receive support through conversation.

Delivering MS specific programs in a common space creates a place where we can speak freely about our loss of balance, vision, coordination and bladder control; we don’t have to be embarrassed about how we are losing our ability to remember, think & understand; and we can freely share our fears with others. The centre’s programs have benefits far beyond their intent. The greatest value is that of the space for conversation and support. A common space creates a place where we forge life-long friendships.

Strengthening the MS Community

A program is simply a program until it is delivered through an MS specific centre. When that happens the program contributes to and becomes part of a strong healthy community.

The most valuable aspect of the MS centre will be that it is a space where we can sprout and maintain our grassroots movement. Without a centre we are dispersed and lose the benefit of what fertilizes the movement, and that is the unplanned encounter.