Our Vision

As a community of people living with Multiple Sclerosis we know that one of the best ways for us to survive and thrive with the disease is to have one space where we can:

  • receive treatments such as physio and massage therapy;
  • exercise using equipment designed for our condition;
  • participate in art and other healing therapy classes;
  • exchange ideas through discussion groups;
  • support one another; and
  • be ourselves in a safe space where others understand what we are going through.

The MS Centre that recently closed by the MS Society of Canada was ideal as it was easily accessible by public transit, including handy-dart. It offered a number of services not provided through the medical system. The physiotherapy room was multi-purpose providing a gym in addition to therapy services. The MS gym was free to people with MS which is critical, as many with MS live in poverty.

The art centre was home to a number of people with MS who have nowhere to go. Throughout the day you people gathered in the community room, using the art room, attending yoga or nutrition classes, and reading the vast number of resources available in the library.

The centre served as a model to others across the country. It not only provided specialized services, it was also the foundation of our community. It is where we would meet; it is where we would support one another; it is where we could speak of and live freely with MS.

It is our goal is to re-establish such a centre.