Three Remarkable Women

I write this to all my brothers and sisters in our M.S. Family.

How are you all doing?....Really?

I am asking you this because I really, really have not been OK.

I have had a cold and cough since Christmas and I think it's because I have been broken-hearted and just cannot heal myself.

Since our beloved MS Centre on North Park St. abruptly closed on Dec 16, there has been a big hole in me that feels empty and horrible.

Being abandoned by the MS Society has been very hurtful and left me with a feeling of hope-less ness.
Feeling hopeless is just about the worst feeling there is.

The M.S. Society has let us all down.

The so-called "replacement programs" in different locations around town facilitated by excessively 'friendly' and less-than-genuine representatives of the MS Society have been another blow we have had to endure if we wish to come at all to see each other.

Despair has been the logical conclusion to the disappointment and discouragement
we have all been feeling.

We cannot stay in this hopeless place one minute longer. Our health depends on us!
This is urgent!

I am writing today to tell you that there is hope and this is how I know:

I have joined the board of a new MS Wellness Centre.

Just words you might say but... No!...

We have a chance here to make something new!
Something we all need!

We can and must make our own hope and help each other in the process.

There are three remarkable women who are helping us all to make all this happen.

Susan Simmons is our very own hero and marathon swimmer training right now to swim the Georgia Straight from Anacortes WA to Victoria.

It is our extreme good fortune that Susan is determined to see the new Wellness Centre
flourish. With Susan on our side... hope has a home and a place to grow!
Susan is putting her incredible focus and energy into getting the MS Wellness Centre of Vancouver Island up and running!

There is more hope overflowing:
Two other remarkable women are Diane Thompson and Susanne Rautio.
These two remarkable women are finding places and dates for us to meet and helping to make the facilities appropriate for all of us. I have seen the absolute care and attention they are applying to each location so that they have W/C accessible toilets and wide doors and enough space for power chairs for everyone. They are trying very hard not to leave anyone out!
These remarkable women are showing me what hope looks like!
With Diane and Susanne on our side...hopelessness has no place at all to live!

It is because of these three remarkable women I now have hope!
My life has become new- the big hole inside me I can feel it healing over as I watch these remarkable women in action!
They are hope personified!

There are other helpers who I will write about next time.
Maybe it will be about you?

Everyone, please think about what you could offer to our new M.S. Wellness Centre of Vancouver Island.
We need everybody.
No action is too small.
Especially if it is from your heart. Having been so hurt by the MS Society's meanness is making heart-felt actions very important to our own healing.
The more of all of you that will help is so crucial to our well being.
What do you need?
Is there anything you would like to do?

I'm not kidding... This is our chance.
If we don't do anything at all... These three remarkable women cannot do everything all by themselves and will grow weary without our help.
So... Let's get busy building a place where hope can grow!
Maybe in our hearts at first but then... Who knows?... The sky is our limit!

Please write back.
I would like to know how you are doing and how you are carrying on.
Let us all know!

With love from your friend,

River David Grace

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